Okay, I’m getting the hang of this a little bit. But, seems everyone is so busy blogging, twittering, face booking, etc., they don’t have time to check out your blog, read your posts and leave a comment. I guess there are too many blogs out there now? Do you really have to hit on something news breaking to get noticed? I’ve also joined another place, http://triberr.com, where I have Gabriella’s Cave and Gabby’s Igloo, my two tribes. What it’s all about I haven’t a clue yet, except it cross posts on Facebook and twitter.

So, now I am a tribal woman, and the head of two tribes to top it off, lol. I suppose it’s just another social place, something like Twitter.

My muse went for a walk today. Maybe the weather is influencing it… Too much rain in my neck of the woods. Where is spring? I see some crocus coming up, but they hang their heads at the cold nights.

Hugs, Gabby.