Since I have book 4 of Royal Vampires coming out on April 15th at I should talk a bit about this series. It has received fantastic reviews so far and some reviewers have been clamoring for the fourth installment. It’s done, edited, and available in a week. Phew, another one off my list… But, the series isn’t over. My hero and heroine have a lot to accomplish, so there will be a book 5. I will post some of the reviews below, but only some as there are too many and would make my post very lengthy. I’ll also post some excerpts this coming week:

Candy, Sensual Reads | 4 out of 5 Stars!

In the first book in the Royal Vampire series, Gabriella Bradley sets the stage for the adventures to come. Ms. Bradley takes a small kingdom and adds paranormal creatures determined to destroy the population. Add to the mix a new King with all the good traits of the old King and special abilities that Paul never had, and this series promises to be an exciting read. Can Joshua keep his people safe from Paul’s evil plots?

Candy, Sensual Reads | 5 out of 5 Stars!

In the second book in the Royal Vampire series, Gabriella Bradley reaches deeper into Joshua’s life. He loves Katarina and wants to make her his Queen, but he fears her rejection when she learns that he is a vampire. In addition to Joshua’s inner struggles and Katarina’s love issues, Paul, the former King is causing trouble. Ms. Bradley is developing a rich background on which to build her series. It will be interesting to see what happens next for Joshua and Katarina.

Angibabi | 5 out of 5 Stars!

Nightowl Reviews says: Joshua has gained Katrina’s love and trust, but is it strong enough to handle his alter ego, Timothy? Will she come to understand why he does what he does on his nightly excursions? He has discovered some of the gifts of his DNA. He has used it to help those in need of protection from the other supernatural beings in his kingdom that don’t always have the people’s best interest at heart and are looking for a quick snack. He is gradually unlocking the secrets of his body’s unique make up. Is Katrina the one to help him on this quest? You have to read the book to find out. This series has been awesome from the beginning, and I am anxiously awaiting the fourth installment. I hope that I am lucky enough to get the first crack at the next installment of this series. I am thoroughly enjoying this set of stories, and I look forward to continuing the journey of Joshua and Katrina’s tale. Jan 12, 2012