Revelations – Royal Vampries book 3 Excerpt

We had almost reached the bar when three men appeared out of nowhere and jumped in front of us. I grasped Katarina’s hand tighter and steered her around them, but they jumped to block us. I scented them now. Why I hadn’t scented them before, I don’t know, unless they were hiding inside the building we’d passed.

“Step aside!” I told them in a firm, loud voice. “We want no quarrel.”

“Oh, but we do,” the tallest one of the three said softly and bared his teeth. I saw the fangs and felt Katarina’s hand tremble.

“Vampires,” she whispered. “They’re real.”

“Our master wants to meet you,” the man said looking directly at me. “I suggest you and your bitch go with us quietly.”

“Be quiet,” I told Katarina when I saw her open her mouth to speak. I was afraid she’d use my real name and reveal my identity. That’s the last thing I needed right now. “Get out of our way and let us pass.”

They moved closer, so close I could almost smell their foul breath. Like hell I wanted to give Katarina a display of my powers right then and there, but if they persisted, I’d have no choice. The tall vampire nodded to the other two and they jumped at us. I grabbed Katarina and placed her behind me while I went into vamp mode. “Stay behind me,” I hissed at her. I’d never felt such fury before, not even when I had my other encounters. This time they threatened my love. And that made all the difference. I felt Katarina bury her face against my back, her hands grasping my jacket.

I watched them step back as they gazed into my eyes, fear now obvious on their faces. I had no idea what my face or eyes portrayed, but I had won momentum.

The tall vampire regained his composure and started toward me. “Don’t try it,” I said through tight lips. “You’ll regret it.”

“Who are you? One against three? You’re dreaming!” He lunged.

I was ready for his lunge. How I did it, I don’t know, but somehow, when I unclenched my fists and my palms faced upward, a blinding iridescent ball appeared between my hands. I hurled it at the man as if I were throwing a baseball. It struck him mid chest and he howled. An unearthly scream rent the air as it sent him flying back by a few hundred feet.

The other two vampires looked confused. They stared after their comrade, then at me and back at him again. “He’s a fucking sorcerer,” one of them said.

“Fucking idiot, how can he be? Only Mahaka is a sorcerer.”

“You saw what he did, and don’t be calling me fucking names.”

“It’s a fluke. We have to take them to Paul or we’ll be fucking toast.”

I felt Katarina behind me, her hands still clutching my jacket. “Joshua, be careful,” she whispered against my back. It was loud enough for me to hear, so the vampires probably heard it, too.

Oh my God. She’d said my name. I watched the expressions on the men’s faces and knew it was too late. The tall vampire arrived back on the scene. I had no choice or Paul would find out my secret identity. I didn’t need to muster up anger. I was already seething inwardly. I pointed my finger at them, one after the other. Within seconds they each turned into a flaming pillar and were gone instantly. A patch of fine white ashes remained on the sidewalk.