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Fantastic Review!

A NIGHT OWL REVIEWS BOOK REVIEW | Reviewed by: Angibabi4

The fourth installment of the Royal Vampires series was terrific. It picked up right where the third one left off. I have enjoyed every one of these books as they have come out and cannot wait for the next one.

We begin as Josh and Katrina get ready for their wedding. Both are excited and nervous at the prospect of their upcoming marriage, but they are also worried that Paul has something nasty waiting for them that will ruin the day. Both Josh and Katrina know that something is going to happen at the reception. Paul has teamed up with Pollurn, a particularly nasty and power hungry wizard.

The wedding ceremony goes off without a hitch and it’s on to the reception. Katrina is able to feel and disarm the hex on their wedding cake with no one the wiser. Both Katrina and Josh know this is only the beginning. Paul will stop at nothing to remove Josh from the throne. Can the combined powers of Josh and Katrina prevent Paul from following through with his plans? Only time will tell, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

This is a not to miss series. 5 Stars!

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A scent drifted into my nostrils, a scent I didn’t want to smell on the most important day of my life. Had he really dared to set foot on hallowed ground? How had he gotten in? Only invited guests were permitted inside the church. Paul. He had invaded the most precious day of my life. I turned off my mind to outsiders, to the soft whispers from the congregation, instead, concentrating on Paul and hopefully reading what he had in mind. I was sure he wasn’t there to applaud our marriage. What I learned, was not good.

Won’t they get a shock at the reception? I wish I could be there to witness the spectacle. It was hard enough getting into the church. Pollurn is proving to be a valuable aide. Since he discovered Katarina is his rival, his quest to get rid of her equals mine. I must have been out of my mind when I ordered my cloning and stupid enough to let them convince me to give up the throne. I’d hoped the whelp could be influenced, that I could reign through him, but he proved to be a stubborn son of a bitch. And then to find out he’s a vampire after all… But he’s not like the rest of us. I’ve got no idea how Derek accomplished the removal of blood lust. He’s got my abilities, will remain young for years just like me, yet he’s nothing like me. If I’d known, I never would have agreed to step down. Yet, I couldn’t keep reigning forever, I had little choice. I hope I convinced Pollurn it’s too risky to crash the reception. There won’t be a place set for us at the tables and that would cause questions. Then again, his magic is strong. He could probably conjure that up, too. Nah, can’t take that risk. Oh, but if I could be a fly on the wall…

I heard him laugh inwardly, manic laughter that formed a ring of ice around my heart.

At least Pollurn came up with the most exquisite plan. I couldn’t have done any better myself.

I quickly blanked Paul out. His thoughts were more than disturbing and I wondered what awaited us at the reception.

When Katarina finally joined me at my side, and I turned to look at her, I almost gasped. She was a fairytale princess come to life. Though the thin veil covered her face, I could see her clearly and I smiled reassuringly, mouthing without trying to move my lips too much, I love you, you look gorgeous. She smiled at me sweetly, but I hadn’t closed my mind to her, so I heard her thoughts.

Something isn’t right. I can sense it. Mahaka told me I would be able to intuit my enemies and I feel there’s one among the guests. It’s Pollurn. He’s here, but why? How did he manage an invitation? Why is he here? What is he planning?

I looked down into her eyes and saw the fear hovering in their depths. I waited for more thoughts, but the ceremony started and her mind strayed to our moment in time. I couldn’t help wondering about our two antagonists. Why are Pollurn and Paul here? Like Paul, how did he manage to get an invitation? Didn’t Mahaka tell us Pollurn was an apprentice, just like Katarina? Is he strong enough to conjure up an invitation? Did he hypnotize the attendants into thinking he and Paul had invitations in their hands? Why are they even in the church if their plan is for the reception? What awaits us there?

Vampire Nuptials

Published tonight!!! at http://www.extasybooks.com

Will Joshua and Katarina finally tie the knot? Will they live happily ever after? Or, will the harbingers of evil wreak the havoc they so sorely want?

Joshua is about to wed the love of his life, the wizardess Katarina Goddard. Of course their special day doesn’t go strictly as planned, and the honeymoon, no matter how well guarded a secret it is, couldn’t go easily for the newlyweds. They have enemies, vampires, werewolves, and a wizard that won’t rest until they’ve destroyed the king and his new bride. Will they succeed?

Revelations – Royal Vampries book 3 Excerpt

We had almost reached the bar when three men appeared out of nowhere and jumped in front of us. I grasped Katarina’s hand tighter and steered her around them, but they jumped to block us. I scented them now. Why I hadn’t scented them before, I don’t know, unless they were hiding inside the building we’d passed.

“Step aside!” I told them in a firm, loud voice. “We want no quarrel.”

“Oh, but we do,” the tallest one of the three said softly and bared his teeth. I saw the fangs and felt Katarina’s hand tremble.

“Vampires,” she whispered. “They’re real.”

“Our master wants to meet you,” the man said looking directly at me. “I suggest you and your bitch go with us quietly.”

“Be quiet,” I told Katarina when I saw her open her mouth to speak. I was afraid she’d use my real name and reveal my identity. That’s the last thing I needed right now. “Get out of our way and let us pass.”

They moved closer, so close I could almost smell their foul breath. Like hell I wanted to give Katarina a display of my powers right then and there, but if they persisted, I’d have no choice. The tall vampire nodded to the other two and they jumped at us. I grabbed Katarina and placed her behind me while I went into vamp mode. “Stay behind me,” I hissed at her. I’d never felt such fury before, not even when I had my other encounters. This time they threatened my love. And that made all the difference. I felt Katarina bury her face against my back, her hands grasping my jacket.

I watched them step back as they gazed into my eyes, fear now obvious on their faces. I had no idea what my face or eyes portrayed, but I had won momentum.

The tall vampire regained his composure and started toward me. “Don’t try it,” I said through tight lips. “You’ll regret it.”

“Who are you? One against three? You’re dreaming!” He lunged.

I was ready for his lunge. How I did it, I don’t know, but somehow, when I unclenched my fists and my palms faced upward, a blinding iridescent ball appeared between my hands. I hurled it at the man as if I were throwing a baseball. It struck him mid chest and he howled. An unearthly scream rent the air as it sent him flying back by a few hundred feet.

The other two vampires looked confused. They stared after their comrade, then at me and back at him again. “He’s a fucking sorcerer,” one of them said.

“Fucking idiot, how can he be? Only Mahaka is a sorcerer.”

“You saw what he did, and don’t be calling me fucking names.”

“It’s a fluke. We have to take them to Paul or we’ll be fucking toast.”

I felt Katarina behind me, her hands still clutching my jacket. “Joshua, be careful,” she whispered against my back. It was loud enough for me to hear, so the vampires probably heard it, too.

Oh my God. She’d said my name. I watched the expressions on the men’s faces and knew it was too late. The tall vampire arrived back on the scene. I had no choice or Paul would find out my secret identity. I didn’t need to muster up anger. I was already seething inwardly. I pointed my finger at them, one after the other. Within seconds they each turned into a flaming pillar and were gone instantly. A patch of fine white ashes remained on the sidewalk.


Timothy – Royal Vampires book 2 – excerpt

“I’ve seen you in church. You’re a Christian and I will accept your word.” I paused to think about how I was going to tell him. I decided the best thing was to blurt it out. “Paul is a vampire and he’s not dead.”

There, I’d said it. I watched his reaction carefully. The veins in his neck throbbed noticeably as he absorbed my shocking revelation.

“Your Majesty, but the accident—”

“Was fatal for some. Paul survived it because he and his minions staged the crash. There was a bomb in the vehicle. Before it was detonated, Paul got out of the limousine. He’s alive and roaming the streets and forests, but no one will recognize him. He has changed his appearance through plastic surgery.”

“Your Majesty, vampires aren’t real. There are tales, legends, but—”

“Believe me when I say they’re real. This is the big secret that killed Derek and anyone else involved in the cloning project Paul ordered twenty-four years ago.” I started to talk and told Hans everything I knew.

“Your Majesty, I’m dumbfounded. You’re telling me that you’re a vampire, too?”

“Yes. But I don’t kill or crave blood. I would like you to continue Derek’s research. We need a cure at least for the blood thirst and killer instinct, and we need a cure or antidote for the werewolf virus.”

“Werewolves? Your Majesty, I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but that’s also a myth.”

“No, it’s not. Do your research and find out how many unexplained deaths, or I should say murders, there have been over the years. I want Silverwarren Island swept clean of all evil. The only way to do that is to find a cure.”

“You’re serious.”

For the first time he’d forgotten the royal way of addressing me, and it felt good. “Yeah, you’re damn right I’m serious. And now, if you still don’t believe me, I’ll prove something to you.” I stood up and went into vamp mode. I watched his face, the disbelief changing to fear, then to admiration when I stood silently. I knew my eyes had changed and my fangs descended. I changed back to my human self and sat again. I couldn’t really show him much else right now, not inside my quarters.

A Royal Vampire excerpt 2

A group of people stood near the limo. About ten plain clothed men waited at the bottom of the stairs. As I stepped onto solid ground, they flanked me on either side. I presumed them to be my new bodyguards. I walked slowly toward Paul who stood beside the limo, his face like granite. A loud cheer caused me to look beyond. I’d not noticed the large crowd behind the wire fence. Many of them were waving small national flags.

Paul took a few steps toward me as I approached, his eyes like chips of ice. I felt his antipathy and I heard his troubled, angry thoughts. The wintery smile he displayed did not reach his eyes. It was fake, just like everything else about him. Holding his arms out wide, I walked into his embrace and stood stiffly while he made a big show of welcoming his supposed long lost son. His vampire scent was overpowering. I was glad when he let go. Taking my hand in his he raised our arms and pulled me to face the crowd. Another loud cheer broke loose.

An adorable little girl with blonde curls and big blue eyes, about five years old, walked shyly toward me carrying a bouquet of magnolias and roses. She curtsied and held the bouquet out to me. I crouched down and took the flowers from her, then lifted her onto my arm. “What is your name?” I asked. She was cute as a button.

“My name is Amy. What’s yours?”

“I’m Joshua. Thank you for the beautiful flowers. Did you pick them?”

She giggled. “No, silly. They are from the flower shop.”

I laughed and felt like clasping her warm little body to my chest. It was my first bodily contact with someone outside the science building, and a little one at that. It caused a strange sensation within me, a longing to have a child I could call my own. For just a split second, I inhaled her scent, the aroma of young fresh blood. Though I didn’t need to drink blood, I could scent it easily. I quickly set her down on the ground, kissed her little hand and watched her run back to her parents.

I got into the limousine. Paul joined me. That, I had not expected. The doors closed and I was alone with him. The limo, followed by two others, slowly drove off the field. Men marched next to it until we left the airport and headed toward the palace.

Paul sat opposite me, his icy gaze fixated on my face. I shifted uncomfortably. “I know you hate me, but remember, I didn’t ask for any of this,” I finally said.

“I’ve had the temptation to have you terminated many times.”

I didn’t let on that I knew that, often having picked up his murderous thoughts. “So what stopped you?”

“You’re right, what stopped me. I hate you with a passion that’s almost akin to love. I can’t kill you or have you killed. That time, when I finally visited you, I had all the intentions of killing you myself.”

“Again, why didn’t you?”

“You’re part of me. It would be like killing myself. You’re the son I could never have, yet you’re not my child. You weren’t born of the woman I loved more than life itself. You’re a product of technology, of science. But a product that is a duplicate of me, except for a few differences to make you look more authentic. You have Juliette’s eyes and hair. It would be like harming her.”

I have a soul, I thought, while you’re soulless and an icy monster. Yes, a monster, even if you can’t kill me. I could feel no love for this man, but like Paul, I couldn’t hurt him and I had no idea yet how to stop his murderous escapades, his killing, without harming him. I wondered silently if his resolve not to try to kill me would remain.

Paul continued, while studying my face, trying to read my thoughts. “You’re going to take over where I left off. You’re going to lead my life, the life I’ve built for so many years. You’re going to rule my island. Mine, not yours.”

“Paul, you have to be reasonable. Think about it, you’ll live for hundreds of years, maybe more than a thousand if no harm befalls you. It would be impossible to explain to the people how their king can live that long. You couldn’t reign forever. You finally have your deepest wish now. You’re free to roam the world.”

“And how would you know my deepest wishes?” Paul asked, frowning.

I was silent for a few moments while I thought. Then I made the decision to tell him. What could he do to me now? “You forget, I’m you. I’m a vampire. I can read your thoughts. I know everything about you.” There, it was out, now he finally knew.

His face turned into a mask of fury. “A Vampire?” he shouted.

His voice was hoarse, his face distorted with anger. I thought he’d explode.

A Royal Vampire – excerpt

“Then clone me!” Hhis Majesty, King Paul the Third, shouted.

“Your Majesty, cloning you would result in the creation of another vampire,” Prime Minister Pollock replied calmly.

“I don’t know why the people are in such an uproar about a successor. I’m only fifty-four.”

“Your Majesty, there is a lot of unrest among the people and much pressure from the cabinet that you step down.”

“I’ll not hand the throne over to that idiot cousin of mine. I plan to rule for many years to come. Send for Derek Brungard. Now!” He paused while Pollock ordered a guard to fetch Derek. “While we wait, there is a request for additional financing from the minister of medical services. I will not approve it. I do approve a grant for the Faculty of Science.”

The minister of medical services responded, his tone agitated. “Your Majesty, we need another hospital. The population has increased dramatically, and–”

“Silence! I’ll hear no argument. In a few months, when the cabinet has its annual meeting, we will deal with further requests and recommendations.”

Pollock and the other three ministers present at the private meeting fell silent while the king examined some paperwork in front of him, until the arrival of Derek, head of the Faculty of Science and a brilliant research scientist. His specialty was genetic engineering and that’s what interested Paul more than anything, especially right now.

“Mr. Brungard, according to your last report, you have been successful in the cloning of several animal species. Am I correct?” the king asked.

“Yes, Your Majesty. We’ve had outstanding success. The test subjects are developing normally.”

“Good. I have just granted your request for additional funding. You will begin the cloning of a human.”

“Your Majesty, many countries have forbidden human cloning and the church–”

“It is not up for debate and will go no further than this room. Understand? You will take tissue samples from me and begin the cloning experiment immediately. I do not give permission to experiment with any other human. You have also been successful in genetic engineering, altering and adding DNA in embryos before implant. Can you extract DNA from the queen’s stored blood samples?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Good. You will use the best of the queen’s DNA and my own to create a male heir to the throne. Juliette is to know nothing of this. We all know her illness is slowly taking her from us. I doubt she would approve, even if it meant she’d have a child for a short period. You must eradicate the vampire gene so that my heir will be completely human. Unless you can remove the faulty DNA, I will consider the experiment a failure and you will terminate the fetus. You will begin immediately. I expect you to update me on your progress on a weekly basis.