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The Samsara Chronicles, now for sale on Amazon (Click here to buy)

Price: $1 Books 1 – 13  Book 14: $2.99

When The Samsara Chronicles went up for sale, I waited, holding my breath, to see reviewers’ reactions to it. Sure, I suck up bad reviews. It’s the same as with a movie, one person may hate the movie and another love it. To my delight, there have been a ton of great reviews for this series. Some readers were unsure after reading the first installment where this was going. Some probably didn’t bother going to book 2 and 3, but those that have read on, are saying fantastic things about the series. I just got another review this morning for book 5, Tempest, by Books, Books and More Books, which I’ll share with you:

Tempest is the 5th of 14 parts of a story broken down into 14 books.  In this story Aislinn and Dylan are on the run.  They continue to be pursued by people with green aura’s who mean them harm.  They regularly run into people who give them gifts, sometime worth a lot of money, which these people insist they have passed down through their family specifically to give to them or more specifically to Aislinn.

Each installment in the story gets more intense and intriguing.  Aislinn develops powers which save them, but also terrify her.  The more they learn the more questions they and we have.  I literally sit on the edge of my seat waiting to see what will happen next.  I actually found myself clenching my teeth today because I was so worried.  (yes I tend to get a little involved in my story character’s lives, but still clenching my teeth..!?.)
This is a definitely must read story series.  The adventure, romance, suspense, fantasy, humor, creep factor, and good writing make this the perfect summer, or any time, read.
            I give part 5 of the Samsara Chronicles 4 out of 5 clouds.

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5 Days to D Day

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You can read excerpts here, on my blog, and/or the short descriptions.

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Equilibrium – Book 14 the final book of the Samsara Chronicles

Available on Kindle June 1

Aislinn and Dylan are held captive by the Klatrians. Vark wants the skull and vows nothing will stop him from gaining its power.

The royal pair’s next journey is to go back to Earth and help the Earthlings restore their planet. But now, the safety of two worlds hangs in the balance. Can they come up with a plan to escape?


Vark gazed at the huge ball of rainbow luminescence that approached. “What is that?” He found it unimaginable that such a delicate looking object could have traveled deep space, withstood the onslaught of meteorites and other celestial hazards. There had to be more to the ball than what they could see. He scrutinized it but saw no evidence of engines, of anything that could power it. For a fleeting moment, he was awed by a technology that seemed to surpass what had even once existed on Klatria.

An uneasy murmuring erupted from the entourage. Vark’s head swiveled to gaze through the transparent barrier. The object appeared as a luminous orb glowing with prismatic ribbons that glowed against an infinite starry background dominated by the looming glacier. Upon transmitting the landing coordinates to Nirvana, Vark had demanded to know the identity of the craft that would transport the princess. The information was provided, but even so, to watch it hovering toward him defied belief. Somewhere in the forgotten recesses of Vark’s mind, the sight reminded him of something that happened long ago after the seasonal deluges when the sky was drenched with moisture and the light of the sun created a vision in the sky—

The recollection vanished almost immediately, leaving him confused at why such an insignificant thought should trouble him at all. Turning to the guards, his voice emerged as a hoarse bark.

“Seize them,” he said, indicating the royals.

Bonerus rose his hand to strike one of the guards, but Samara grasped his arm. This will resolve nothing, she whispered in his mind. Do not threaten Alaya’s task now that she is almost here.

Rodorus moved to block the guards. “Soulmaster, this is quite unnecessary—”

Vark turned on him in a rage. “Enough! The hostages are to be kept under guard until the exchange of the skull.” He glared venomously at the royals, both of whom returned his gaze with infuriating coolness. “The time of pandering to these parasites draws to an end. The Nirvanan princess will do my bidding, and my bidding alone.”


Nexus – Book 13 of the Samsara Chronicles

After Aislinn and Dylan participate in Shakan’s banishment to the Overlap, they prepare for their journey to Klatria to rescue Aislinn’s parents.

Certain that Shakan’s banishment to the Overlap has forever ended the tainted bloodline of Jhanvar, Aislinn and Dylan  prepare, with the help of Altithronus, emissary to the Antiquitas, for their journey to Klatria to rescue the royals.




Malendi merely smiled, though she could not quite suppress a shudder of excitement. For as long as she had known Janku, she had never glimpsed the gentle personality that Anelda claimed he once possessed. That something as lowly as a vegetable bar could create such changes was a miracle beyond any of their expectations. With a sense of pride she understood that her efforts, combined with those of Anelda’s and the resistance, would ultimately exonerate the evil unleashed by Vark in the name of Klatria.

She reached out and squeezed Janku’s hand. He virtually spasmed at the contact, but did not withdraw his hand. “Go now,” she said. “The others will be hungry. See that the bars are distributed among all.”

He nodded mutely and hurried down the corridor, a look of gratitude and fear in his eyes. As soon as he disappeared, Malendi returned to the nook and picked up a second basket. She paused to retrieve a half-eaten bar from beneath the cloth cover and ate it. While she chewed, her gaze roamed the rank, dripping tunnel. Near the intersection of a parallel tunnel, a misshapen milliped wriggled from a bubbling pit and scuttled off into a crevice in the adjacent rock. Suddenly, the glistening rock surface shimmied.

She gasped and pressed herself into the nook. The large serpentine shape immediately below the rock surface filled her with a gnawing sense of dread. A triangular head paused and swayed toward her direction. Fearful of the throwort’s keen sense of smell, Malendi breathed shallowly and forced herself to remain absolutely still. The effort soon fatigued her and it took a supreme effort to keep her body from shaking. She shut her eyes and willed the creature to move on.

Finally, the throwort wriggled away in the direction of the other tunnel. Exhausted, Malendi sagged against the rock. Her lungs burned with each gulping breath, her rubbery legs barely able to support her weight. To divert her mind from her physical discomfort, she envisioned the creature infiltrating Vark’s quarters. It would have been such a simple solution to the tyranny the surviving population endured, yet the man who had once called himself their leader seemed impervious to attack whereas so many others had died. So often did she question the justice in the apparent annihilation of her people that it had become a constant undercurrent in her mind.


Bloodline – Book 10 of the Samsara Chronicles

Intrigue and betrayal plague both Nirvana and Klatria, prompting Aislinn to call a tribunal of all Nirvanan nations to address the crisis.

While Vark, Soulmaster and corrupt ruler of Klatria, plots with the Nirvanan traitor to acquire the skull and kill the royals, insurrection grows from within the ranks of his own people. His intention to use Aislinn’s parents  as pawns to lure Aislinn to Klatria conceals his true intentions to destroy them all.




It is time…

Unobserved, he had taken his flyer and defied royal edict by traveling to the ruins. At first the castle seemed reluctant to admit him until he stepped inside and spoke. “It is I, Shakan, the son of the Many. I have come to do your bidding.”

Something unseen in the total darkness pressed against him, sniffed him and fluttered off to the sound of a keening wind. Attracted by a distant booming that reverberated through the stone floor, his attention was drawn to a heavy wooden door. The torchlight flickered like the eyes of a nocturnal animal, luring him toward a tiny glowing point embedded in the wood. And now…

More alone than he ever had been, the light abruptly stopped and hovered a short distance before him. He sensed rather than saw the catacomb beyond and carefully moved away from the stairs. As he was almost close enough to touch the eerie light, the walls began to tremble. Startled by the rumbling that shook the floor, he was about to turn back when something akin to a monstrous hand swatted his feet from beneath him. He collapsed to his knees, at the same time the light extinguished and he felt the pressure of hands around his neck.

Suddenly he emitted a bloodcurdling howl and violently threw his head back. His eyes rolled until only the whites showed, his lips uttering meaningless words. Though his body trembled, it was not from the cold. The muttering became a muffled scream until he abruptly silenced and his head dropped limply to his chest. His eyelids fluttered, closed, then half opened to regard the torch-lit main hall of the castle. No longer ruins, the fortress walls housed a bazaar attended by every tribe on Nirvana. Faces resembling his own mingled with the crowd, their finery a dazzling display of colors and fabrics set off with magnificent jewelry. Dark, fiery eyes turned toward him, voices became distinct, surfacing from the buzz of conversation and chorused in his mind.

Shakan, the time of reckoning is near. Will you fully embrace the mindflux as befitting the favored son?

A searing bolt of pain penetrated his skull. He gasped and dug his fingernails in his palms to offset the pain of the psychic assault. Mustering every reserve of willpower, he forced himself to keep a steady gaze on the apparition. Noble Janvhar, I have come as you instructed. I am your willing servant.


Netherworld, Book 9 of the Samsara Chronicles

Directed by one of their Earthly guides, Aislinn and Dylan venture to the Overlap, an ancient castle situated within a temporal rift where they discover the nature of Shakan’s treachery.

Seeking answers regarding the kidnapping of her parents, Aislinn and Dylan follow one of their Earthly guides to the mysterious Overlap, a temporal rift situated within an ancient castle. There they experience past events that reveal the nature of the rival Nirvanan bloodlines as well as the identity of the traitor in league with the Klatrians.


She felt a fleeting caress against her cheek and stopped. Turning slightly, she felt it again, though this time stronger. The draft ruffled her hair, the musty odor reminiscent of the gush of stale air expelled by the arrival of a subway train. She felt the skull glow through the cloth. Her stomach tightened in anticipation. “Dylan—”

She had barely grabbed his hand when the vortex exploded through a barred door like a cannon shot, its resonance a banshee scream. Swept off their feet, Aislinn desperately clutched the skull while Dylan struggled to keep a grip on her. They slid along the cold stone. Ahead, Dylan spotted the recessed niche to yet another barred door and half scooted, half crawled toward it. Pressed close to him, Aislinn glanced behind and gasped as an infernal glow oozed from the open doorway. The malevolence emanating from it reminded her of the entity that had first terrorized her in her apartment on Earth. A nauseating stench of scorched rubber filled the air.

“My God, what is that?” Dylan cried, cradling Aislinn against his chest.

Strands of loosened hair whipped around her face and almost dislodged her tiara. She slipped the skull from the sling, gripped it and focused on the vortex. Her ring sparkled like a Roman candle. Reveling in its freedom, the vortex churned, writhed and ricocheted off the walls in a bizarre dance of exaltation. The walls trembled from the force, the doors rattled in sympathy. Pushing the din from her mind, Aislinn felt her fingers merge with the skull, the energy forming a bond with her ring. It flared, crackled and fanned out, immersing the shadowy ruins in immaculate white light.

“Get out!” she cried. “Return to the dimension that spawned you. You have no power here.” Defiantly, she rose into the buffeting wind and raised the skull.

Dylan reached to stop her but she stepped away from his grasp. He pressed himself into the door niche and shielded his eyes from the skull’s almost solar glow.

“You’re nothing,” she continued. “Merely a shadow of the past and the hatred that nurtured you.”



Nirvana – Book 8 of the Samsara Chronicles

Dylan, Aislinn and the chosen humans arrive on Nirvana but now the pair faces another alien threat, this time to their homeworld.

Aislinn and Dylan’s joyous homecoming to Nirvana is tempered by yet another crisis. Aliens, assisted by a traitorous member of Nirvanan security and a threat to the royal bloodline, have kidnapped Aislinn’s parents and hold them hostage on the dying world of Klatria. Aislinn and Dylan now face the task of rescuing them before they are killed.


Aislinn gasped as a sensation of coldness washed over her. At that moment, the woman doubled back and veered onto a path near the fountain. As if sensing Aislinn’s scrutiny, she suddenly paused and raised her eyes. Their glances locked, and a hostility beyond description emanated from the woman’s gaze. Bolting off at the sound of shouting, she somehow lost her footing and fell onto a sunny part of the path. Witnessing the spectacle below, Aislinn clasped the railing with white knuckles.

“There! On the path!” she cried out, the breeze carrying her voice downward to the guards, spurring them into action. Snared by the sunlight, the woman struggled to rise as though stunned. Her reactions were sluggish. She glared balefully and tried to bolt from the contingent of approaching guards, but stumbled again.

Dylan returned a moment later. “It’s okay. They won’t get away. The guards have been on alert since yesterday’s incident. These two have actually been spotted before, but managed to get away.”

Aislinn frowned at the woman’s increasing agitation. She stumbled with the uncoordinated movements of a drunkard.

“Dylan, look!”

A guard advanced on the disoriented woman while a second jumped her from behind and tackled her to the ground. The woman fought the men with unbelievable viciousness before her body abruptly slackened in their grip.

“Watch yourself!” Aislinn cried out to the guards, again sensing the woman’s malevolence.

Almost on cue, the woman exploded into a frenzied resistance. The second guard was caught by surprise and barely missed her flailing fists. It took both a supreme effort to subdue her. Aislinn watched in horror as the woman’s fury transformed into agony. Writhing in the sun, she began screaming and clawing at her face, the epidermis peeling off in shriveled, parchment-like strips. Even from a distance, Aislinn could see revulsion in the guards’ faces as the woman savagely gouged her flesh. Muddy fluid jetted from the wounds, and despite the intervention of a third guard, none could stop her self-mutilation.

Aislinn shook her head as if to banish the ugly scene. “Dear God, is this what we’re up against?”



Exodus – Book 7 of the Samsara Chronicles

Sheltered at the Emerald lake beyond the reach of the dark forces, Aislinn and Dylan transition into their roles as the celestial portal opens.

Besieged by the Eletarii, humanity struggles in its final hour.  Legions assemble by the lake where they descend into the basest depravity wait while Aislinn and Dylan prepare to open the gate at midnight, a portal through which only a chosen few will pass.




Vancouver roiled in its death throes as an infernal light seared the sky and cast a bloody hue on the city. The clouds parted, revealing a fleet of ships that descended from the conflagration and hovered above the fleeing masses. Fueled by the faceless terror concealed in the winged vessels, the last semblance of normality crumbled while a desperate populace sought escape.

Besieged by armies of elementals and chameleon infested, the few remaining services ground to a halt, plunging the city into darkness and despair. Vehicles littered the roads and highways like corpses as the exodus veered toward a place that existed only as a vision.

“The lake!” rose a universal cry. “Sanctuary waits at Emerald Lake…”

Above, the fleet of ships directed the panicked crowds like dogs driving a herd of sheep.

Screams penetrated the endless night, the cry of children a soul-wracking litany. The ferocity of the winter was no match for the terror that prodded humanity’s desperate survivors into the jagged snow-capped mountains beyond. The snow was dotted with dark shapes huddled in blankets, overcoats or anything that would give them warmth.

In the struggle to reach Emerald Lake, human fell upon human, the last traces of sanity crumbling like wave-tossed sandcastles. Mothers abandoned screaming babies, young people left their children or parents behind. Humanity raced against the last minutes of the world, the finishing line—a place known only as a sanctuary. No one knew where or how the rumors about Emerald Lake had started, only that their destination awaited them in the distant mountains.

An eerie green mist funneled from the ships and cocooned selected groups from the mob. They raised their arms entreatingly to embrace the darkness that consumed their souls, their cries welcoming the diabolical baptism. Emptied of the last vestiges of humanity, their souls forfeit, the possessed fell upon those hovering between belief and unbelief, between the darkness and the light.


EXCERPT: to buy, click HERE

A scent drifted into my nostrils, a scent I didn’t want to smell on the most important day of my life. Had he really dared to set foot on hallowed ground? How had he gotten in? Only invited guests were permitted inside the church. Paul. He had invaded the most precious day of my life. I turned off my mind to outsiders, to the soft whispers from the congregation, instead, concentrating on Paul and hopefully reading what he had in mind. I was sure he wasn’t there to applaud our marriage. What I learned, was not good.

Won’t they get a shock at the reception? I wish I could be there to witness the spectacle. It was hard enough getting into the church. Pollurn is proving to be a valuable aide. Since he discovered Katarina is his rival, his quest to get rid of her equals mine. I must have been out of my mind when I ordered my cloning and stupid enough to let them convince me to give up the throne. I’d hoped the whelp could be influenced, that I could reign through him, but he proved to be a stubborn son of a bitch. And then to find out he’s a vampire after all… But he’s not like the rest of us. I’ve got no idea how Derek accomplished the removal of blood lust. He’s got my abilities, will remain young for years just like me, yet he’s nothing like me. If I’d known, I never would have agreed to step down. Yet, I couldn’t keep reigning forever, I had little choice. I hope I convinced Pollurn it’s too risky to crash the reception. There won’t be a place set for us at the tables and that would cause questions. Then again, his magic is strong. He could probably conjure that up, too. Nah, can’t take that risk. Oh, but if I could be a fly on the wall…

I heard him laugh inwardly, manic laughter that formed a ring of ice around my heart.

At least Pollurn came up with the most exquisite plan. I couldn’t have done any better myself.

I quickly blanked Paul out. His thoughts were more than disturbing and I wondered what awaited us at the reception.

When Katarina finally joined me at my side, and I turned to look at her, I almost gasped. She was a fairytale princess come to life. Though the thin veil covered her face, I could see her clearly and I smiled reassuringly, mouthing without trying to move my lips too much, I love you, you look gorgeous. She smiled at me sweetly, but I hadn’t closed my mind to her, so I heard her thoughts.

Something isn’t right. I can sense it. Mahaka told me I would be able to intuit my enemies and I feel there’s one among the guests. It’s Pollurn. He’s here, but why? How did he manage an invitation? Why is he here? What is he planning?

I looked down into her eyes and saw the fear hovering in their depths. I waited for more thoughts, but the ceremony started and her mind strayed to our moment in time. I couldn’t help wondering about our two antagonists. Why are Pollurn and Paul here? Like Paul, how did he manage to get an invitation? Didn’t Mahaka tell us Pollurn was an apprentice, just like Katarina? Is he strong enough to conjure up an invitation? Did he hypnotize the attendants into thinking he and Paul had invitations in their hands? Why are they even in the church if their plan is for the reception? What awaits us there?