I haven’t paid attention to my blog in a little while. I really don’t know what to blog about because my life is really quite dull. The most excitement is my writing and the antics my little grandson gets up to when I have him here, like swinging from the chandelier last week and bringing it crashing down. My fault I guess. It’s quite a low lamp hanging above the dining table. I don’t know where other bloggers find all their material. I’ve been told, to get followers, you need to promote and promote more and hang out on the internet. Yikes, if I did that, I wouldn’t have time to create my next masterpiece! This morning I spent a couple of hours at Goodreads, where I get absolutely lost. Their ‘help’ notes aren’t that clear. So what do you do? I don’t read a whole lot for fear of other people’s writing hanging in my brain cells and I want my books to be my own, unique and Gabby’s fantasies. I don’t want to add books to my bookshelf just for the hell of it! I can add all my own I guess. Of course I like those, LOL, even if some people don’t and give me shitty reviews. But, that comes with the territory. What one person likes could be hated by another. Every author would love fantastic reviews for their books, but that’s just plain unrealistic. I have noticed that some reviews can be unfair, that the reader doesn’t seem to have read a book thoroughly. I’m talking about fellow authors’ reviews, not necessarily my own. But again, it all comes with the territory. I’m just happy if someone reads my works, I don’t care if they hated it!! I’ll have to spend more time on Goodreads and figure it all out. Heck, I’m still trying to figure out Facebook, Triberr, Twitter and all. Maybe if I spend an hour a day at all these places I’ll eventually figure it out!!!